Sustainable Cool Chain (SCC)

We deploy new technology and approaches to optimize efficiency flows in cool chain. Improved efficiency will help reduce use of energy, improve safety, increase earnings and competitiveness, expand offerings, and help business gain access to new markets.

Collaborative Learning and Marketing 

CEC education and marketing programs are customized to meet specific requirements of the business and industry. The CEC links Eco Innovation to business, and use public procurement demand in innovative ways to support the deployment of new technology to engage stakeholders. 

Workforce training is an important step towards sustainable cool chain and is based on three critical components: 

  • New technology and critical knowledge transfer. 
  • Deployment and on-going support through local business. 
  • Learning, sharing and training through CEC platform. 

The critical components will be the features and function of new technology, speed to market solutions, and actionable knowledge. We serve specific communication and knowledge needs of all size business, as well as government agencies and NGOs across industries and borders. 


  • Countries: Global 
  • Beneficiaries: All size enterprises, farmers, warehouse operators, traders, government agencies, and NGOs. 
  • Delivery method: Eco Commerce Exchange (CE) marketplace.

Optimizing Efficiency Flows and Deploying Eco Innovation In New Ways

Government agencies and NGOs buy technologies through large competitive tenders. You can learn how to deploy new technology and new approaches best suited to your business. We encourage forward contracting that commits government agencies and NGOs to buy new technology, products and services from SMEs in the future at an agreed price.

Having government agencies and NGOs as a committed buyer serves as an incentive for SMEs and farmers to increase their offerings. A critical factor to the success of these projects however, is the wide range of partners to support partners throughout the entire value chain to:

  • Improve skills;
  • Accelerate deployment of new approaches; 
  • Share best practices and success stories;
  • Deliver training to enhance individual’s knowledge;
  • Provide local hands-on advice and support.

Learning and Sharing

We have established many ways to capture and share valuable information and to monitor and evaluate success. We will share surveys and case studies to provide a detailed understanding of how improved efficiency flows will affect business. We will connect all stakeholders through virtual CEC platform. 

We will continue to identify mechanisms to develop and deploy new partner projects. The best approaches identified will be mainstreamed into collaborative training and practices. The lessons drawn will be shared  with all stakeholders. 

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