Chamber of Eco Commerce (CEC) attracts leaders and learners from the world of Eco Innovation and Commerce. With the presence of investors and corporate executives, journalists and local government officials from various countries, sponsorship at CEC is an extremely efficient vehicle for companies looking to gain high levels of exposure to influential audiences worldwide. 


  • Reach audiences 
  • Build relationships
  • Open new markets
  • Brand exposure
  • Networking
  • Cross-promotion
  • Learning
  • Access to unique content and contacts
  • Differentiate your brand in the market place

Why Sponsor?


  • Reach unique audiences


  • Meet people and build relationships
  • Receive invitations to events
  • Host events

Business Opportunities

  • Access to the “next big thing” in new technology
  • Access (limited) to a seat on Advisory Boards and Technology Assessment committees
  • Deliver speeches, webinars, workshops 

Select the sponsorship package

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Ways to Sponsor


Partner Projects

Contact your local CEC Chapter Leader for more information.