Communication between businesses and consumers is needed in order to effectively develop and expand new business opportunities. Our regional exchanges, are important business innovation and promotion interfaces between thought leaders in eco nnovation and commerce. 

We have developed unique Integrated Marketing Communication program and media network for sharing competitive intelligence, promoting technology, products, services and tourism. We produce, publish and distribute Media News Releases and Video News Releases. We transform innovation excellence into written articles and short movies suitable for international media distribution.

We design and implement media communication strategies for enterprises and organizations. We establish partnerships between organizations, communities and the media. We exploit social media platforms to implement communication strategies. We rely on our partner distribution network for direct outreach, including international media agencies, online networks, and TV stations.

We produce original articles, news and interviews targeting motivated audiences. We are rapidly becoming an acknowledged information source for on-line communities and press journalists. Articles and interviews written by our journalists are of interest to industry professionals and the publishers.

We can align your business with partnership and sponsorship opportunities. Whether you are client, agency or partner we can help you to align your brand for maximum exposure and return. We help our clients launch and manage marketing campaign. We have access to talent and influencers.


Identifying who your customers are, what they think about you and where you should spend your marketing dollars is critical.

Brand Builders

Our team has experience building some of the best known Fortune 100 brands in the world.  We have the knowledge and insight to build your brand, and expertise in launching and relaunching brands in the U.S. and internationally.

SMART Community Review Publication

We distribute of information and news, including original articles and interviews featuring the most prominent business, policy and non-profit innovators.  

Our media experts work together on numerous projects in the area of communication and impact assessment of innovative technologies. We target an international audience of millions of viewers through on-line press, blogs, forums, and on-line communities.

We help clients implement media communication strategies and build partnerships between the research communities, business development teams and the media.

We rely on our media partners and large distribution network, including news feeds and outreach to national TV stations via satellite broadcasting; international media agencies and personal contacts with editors and journalists.

We are a trusted independent information and education resource for on-line communities, press journalists, and educators worldwide.