Financing Innovation

Financial markets play a critical role in the process of sustainable business practices. Sustainable investment practices offer not only the benefits of reducing economic, environmental, and social risks, but also the potential for investors to achieve superior risk-adjusted financial returns.


We have identified key barriers of accelerating the uptake of financing Eco Innovation, and have created three entities to overcome these barriers in order to drive innovation to market;  

The Advisory Program 

Provides strategy, consulting, and discovers innovation in the market.

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The Financial Alliance 

Provides seed capital, finance expertise, and investor relationships.

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Web-based Eco Commerce Exchange (ECE)

Provides the Technology Arm bringing platforms, processes, and expertise to enable commercialization.  

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The ECE can provide relevant input and catalyze further important dialogue on the issue of financing Eco Innovation, and contributing towards 'Better Growth, Better Climate'.

Investing in Innovation for Better Growth, Better Climate Speaker Series 2015-18


This Speaker Series will discuss the following:  

  • Stability in regulation, policy framework and public procurement to attract investors; 

  • Development of a range of financing options for Eco Innovative SMEs, including debt and smaller scale financing as venture capital is very selective and not able to address the needs of all Innovators; 

  • Review and reduction in red tape for public support; 

  • Development of more flexible risk-sharing conditions to engage financial actors – namely banks – in the Eco Commerce area; 

  • Better understanding of the role business angels can play to support Eco Innovation as they operate differently than venture capitalists; 

  • Intelligent use of public funding through leveraging, using it as a complement to private finance; 

  • Greater involvement of large corporations and understanding of how they can contribute to the financing of Eco Innovation;

  • Examine the international dimension of Eco Innovation financing to meet the challenges of global needs and competition.

Financing Resilience

Due Diligence and Disclaimer

The due diligence process is negotiated between the interested investors and the companies seeking funding. ECE does NOT engage in the sale or resale of securities.


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