Eco Commerce Summit

We bring together a unique group of Eco Commerce Leaders with a variety of practical insights. We seek to have a positive contribution to sustainable investing, and aim to advance thinking and best practices. We aim to remove barriers and build partnerships.

Financial markets are key to transformational power and to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable business practices and value creation. Recognizing this pivotal role of financial markets, we have launched cross-border and cross-industry initiatives and partner projects to stimulate the integration of environmental, social, and governance factors into mainstream investment analysis.


We focus on the role of asset owners and asset managers as well as corporations, governments, accounting bodies, investment advisers and other key stakeholders. We explore the role of active corporate governance as a key factor in driving the transition. These events look beyond functional changes - such as adapting incentive structures across the investment value chain, and to encompass also the necessary mindset changes - such as approaching sustainability issues not only from a risk and compliance perspective, but also from an opportunity and shared value creation perspective. 

We highlight the importance of effective communication  between Leaders, Experts, and Learners, and using opportunities that partner projects and initiatives will bring for communities across the developed and developing world. The private sector SME’s will also play a joining role. In fact, we have joined forces with business and policy leaders to support innovators calling upon SMEs and entrepreneurs to strengthen the private sector role in regional economic development providing necessary support to pave the way for joint efforts. 

We bring together experts, leaders, and learners in Eco Commerce. 

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We accelerate investment in Innovation, and promote economic and commercial cooperation among stakeholders. 

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We act as an independent voice of business, raising awareness of the importance of regional and global cooperation.  

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Eco Commerce Exchange (ECE) enables collaboration, focusing on extending economic and commercial partnerships among the Eco Commerce partners worldwide.