Partner Benefits

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)


Organizations struggle with their communication channels due to the lack of an Integrated Marketing Communications strategy (IMC). It is vital for any company to set itself apart from its competitors, regardless of scale. Big or small, those companies able to effectively manage the customer experience, marry internal and external processes, or manage employees and business partners will be the winning organizations of tomorrow. We have created an effective IMC offering to help our partners promote their Brand, Business, Products, Services, and Community Education, Corporate Giving, Employee Volunteerism, and Employee Giving, and Fundraising programs.


Soft Landing Services (SLS) - Market Entry and Expansion


Enterprises and organizations want to enter the North American and Nordic markets but most often do not have the resources to retain local firms to help them. They work through their own government agencies that do help, but only up to a point. We assist companies to grow business by providing them easy and fast access to critical information and contacts. The B2B directory offers a broad range of service providers - hands-on advisory, referrals, fund-raising assistance, shared office and manufacturing space, meeting rooms, administrative help, business equipment, financial and technical expertise, IT support, marketing PR, benefits and other services that will help them defer the need for heavy investment when a company is getting started in North America, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, or Sweden.


Executive Placement and Interim Management 

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One-Stop Gateway for Establishing Your Business in North America 


You can utilize our fast growing network of experts to efficiently enter the U.S. and international market. All services are carried out with a network of Preferred Service Providers (PSP), which include companies, R & D Institutions, Universities, Authorities, and American Economic Development Agencies. Together, we can effectively assist companies in setting up offices, operations, and facilities.


We serve the specific business needs of public-private sector, enterprises, organizations, regional economic development agencies, state and national agencies, cities and other service organizations. We develop and implement B2B projects to attract business and investment to the region where we operate. 


Specific Soft Landing - Market Entry Services Include:

  • Preparatory Work
  • Introduction to relevant people and networks discussing needs and requirements;  
  • Ongoing support, including sector-specialist advice; 
  • Providing the right contacts; 
  • Coordinating and providing representation for companies;
  • Referrals.


Exploratory Services

  • Financing
  • Liaison and information services 
  • Tailored business visits
  • Market analysis and entry planning
  • Office space for the starting period 


Incubation Contract (Optional)

  • Business idea evaluation
  • Plan development
  • Coaching and advice
  • Finding sales agents distributors or strategic partners


After Successfully Landing 

  • Set-up services for the organization
  • Business and R&D partners
  • Business permits and licenses 
  • Legal and regulatory assistance 
  • Human resource assistance
  • Marketing research assistance 
  • Business launch networking and matchmaking services
  • Finding office space and facilities


Set-up Services for Individuals

  • Work and residence permits
  • Housing search and support
  • Family adjustment services
  • Assistance in everyday life
  • Job search assistance
  • Language skills and social networking


Business Development & Expansion Services

  • Networking and matchmaking
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Consulting