SMART Call to Action 

Launched by the Chamber of Eco Commerce (CEC) in 2010, the ‘SMART Call toAction’ is a unique public-private partnership (PPP) designed to assist organizations in the development, implementation and disclosure of SMART practices and policies. 

The Call to Action recognizes that the business sector, through the production of goods and services, impacts resources – both directly and through supply chains. Endorsing business and policy leaders acknowledge that in order to operate in a more sustainable manner, and contribute to the vision of the Call to Action goals, they have a responsibility to make resources management a priority, and to work with governments, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to address this global challenge. The Call to Action covers six elements: 

Direct Operations

Supply Chain 

Collective Action 

Public Policy

Community Engagement


The ‘SMART Call to Action’ seeks to build an international movement of committed companies, both leaders and learners. In this spirit, the PPP is open to companies of all sizes and from all sectors, and from all parts of the world. The PPP requires the endorsement of a company’s C-level Executive, or equivalent. 

For more information please review CEC Background & Overview document on the left. To join our partner projects, please contact your regional CEC Chapter Leader.

About SMART Call to Action

We stimulate investment in projects that link technology and investment activity. Our combined expertise and experience positions us to be able to quickly understand critical issues and particular needs, and address the specific protocols that will yield optimal results. Together, we can create greater impact and results at the local level, and achieve measurable positive impact on a global scale.

We contribute to high profile problems in society to foster economic development and social change. To achieve this, we collaborate with our peers across the private and the public sector across industries and continents to accelerate the technology transfer. 

With our vast knowledge of the critical needs and speed-to-market solutions, we are in the perfect position to evaluate green technology deals and opportunities, develop new markets, enhance or enlarge existing markets, and bring them to a profitable market place.

We believe strongly in the effectiveness of a science based practice and a "mix" of highly experienced professionals. We enable interaction of experts, innovative training programs, effective partnership programs, and creative public relations which are essential to the success of partnership projects.


  • To increase financing and technology licensing efficiency and profits.
  • To protect the environment.
  • To enable collaboration.
  • To provide training.
  • To transfer information and knowledge to achieve actions, profits and savings.

We Offer:

  • An ongoing forum for the transfer of knowledge and exchange of actionable knowledge.
  • Invaluable tools, education and training for success.
  • Highly qualified contacts.
  • Proven and time-tested solutions, products and services.
  • Networking with other peers, experts and professionals.
  • The latest market updates.
  • Affordable collaborative marketing and education programs.
  • Invitations to exclusive partner projects, events and meetings.
  • Qualified leads.


Our Projects:

  • Two-way business partnership deal in which everyone wins.
  • Add value to your brand and image.
  • Aimed at building your sales and raising awareness.
  • Easy to implement and execute, while we do most of the work for you.
  • Well-designed marketing PR tool, ideal for achieving high exposure.

What Makes CEC Valuable?

We are a fast growing global community of innovators, investors, business and policy leaders, and catalytic philanthropists.  


What We Do?

  • Implement technologies across industries and continents;
  • Transform businesses and industries;
  • Create new business models and jobs;
  • Manage initiatives and partner projects;
  • Reduce operational costs, increase competitiveness, and promote sustainability;
  • Assist SMEs and MEs to plan for and invest in eco innovation and new technology;
  • Test innovations, share and use the lessons learned to improve them;
  • Tell people about the real benefits of sustainable technologies, methods and practices; 
  • Promote the most suitable practical and cost efficient solutions across industries and continents.

Who is Involved?

We bring together innovators and investors across industries and continents.

Why Do We Need to Act?

The use of SMART technology has the potential to achieve savings on energy, materials, and water by manufacturing industry, buildings, households, and transport. 

Our partnership projects present substantial opportunities for our members including:

  • Assistance in implementation of technology and investment decisions;
  • Access to a portfolio of SMART innovations and speed-to-market solutions;
  • Decrease carbon footprint and enhance level of CSR;
  • Industry events;
  • Network and collaborate with the leaders in the industry of sustainable innovation;
  • Engage and address policy issues;
  • Learn best practices and incentives;
  • Identify a potential for developing adapted technologies;
  • Stimulate research, innovation and development;
  • Participate in events involving other experts, peers and stakeholders;


Burning for Learning?

  • We can customize a training program tailored to meet specific needs and requirements;
  • We can provide speakers to events.

Learn how we can help you to position your business to take advantage of the growing Eco Innovation marketplace