SMART Community Portal ("SCP")

SMART Community Portal ("SCP") gathers, organizes, and disseminates information focused on single or multiple industry verticals. The portal enables public and private collaboration for hosted and deployed solutions. Access and actions are interactive, with the latest in user friendly interfaces. These interfaces are customized down to the individual and self-administered providing private branded solution which provide a wide range of revenue generating services. 

SCP improves communication efficiency, develops new processes and methods to engage stakeholders, employees and/or buyers in specific SMART Commerce "issues or brands on a regular basis while learning". Helps solve problems and find solutions, build brand, sell more products, and provide new services. Delivers results that are strategically sound and executable, with a value that is unmatched.

SCP leadership team is diverse in age, nationality, and experience which combined is a united force to be reckoned with. Empowered to create innovative solutions due to decades of cross-industry experience in developing effective IT and ICT solutions. ECPs persistent and tenacious pursuit of industry leading solutions applied to unique challenges make us a driving force in long term success now and for next generation. Our development team has decades of experience developing solutions across a wide-array of industries. Our experts have experience deploying solutions supporting thousands of users with extensive experience in IT solutions; large database design, architecture, .NET, data-warehousing, automation engineering and building custom business intelligence applications. 


SCP's breakthrough technology and continued innovation serve our mission of "organizing  information and bringing it directly to the individual user based on their specific needs and interests" in a dynamic, interactive and collaborative manner.

We gather, organize, and disseminate information to create and power our community platform focused on SMART Commerce and single or multiple industry verticals

Industry Verticals and Partner Projects

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