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CEC's dynamic Eco Innovation portal has diverse representation from industry, academia, non governmental organizations and state governments.

Our goal is to stimulate investment and help businesses incorporate Eco Innovation into business 'as usual' by giving leaders from industry and state governments easy and fast access to proven innovations that increase profits and environmental performance.

The Hub links innovation, finance, economics, and legal disciplines with private-public sector partnerships to accelerate sustainable innovation and green progress. It serves as a web-based Hub, where innovators, investors, business leaders, and policymakers can collaborate, learn, share, create, identify, and implement innovations, strategies, and best practices aimed toward green profits.

The Hub accelerates knowledge and technology transfer and assist businesses, governments and consumers in the following areas:

GHG: understand, quantify, manage and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Energy: identify technologies that provide the highest financial and environmental benefits, and help conserve energy, convert to lower carbon energy, choose quality offsets, and implement renewable energy solutions.

H2O: identify a relationship to water, challenges and opportunities, and other considerations related to water use.

Waste: implement waste management tools, technologies, and practices aimed at reducing waste using prevention, recycling, and reuse that result in cost savings and profits.

Mobility: provide access to work, education, goods and services, friends and family, while simultaneously reducing environmental and social impacts, and managing traffic congestion.

Building: reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment

Packaging: choose sustainable packaging materials and technologies to cut waste. Health: improve the health of people and the environment through technology


Agriculture: integrate environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity and access to technologies, methods and practices to improve efficiencies.

Information and Communications: drive measurable financial and environmental benefits from sustainability projects and initiatives; develop and systematize the financial and business tools that will allow businesses to continue to identify and prioritize new opportunities for energy savings and carbon reductions.

Manufacturing: develop technologies to green supply chains, transform materials without emission of greenhouse gases, and the use of non-renewable or toxic materials or generation of waste.


The CEC partner projects create industry wide effects; accelerating and developing new financial benefits, environmental improvements and innovative approaches, which result in transformational industry change across continents:

Financial Benefits

Profit growth, risk reduction, brand enhancement, investor attraction.

Innovation Approach

Market-based solutions, supply chain optimization, and tools.

Environment Improvements

Pollution reduction, H2O Protection, Ecosystem restoration, health improvement.

Eco Commerce Hub

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