We conduct research with the goal of better aligning Education and Training with Eco Commerce workforce and labor market demand: jobs, skills, and people. 


Research on Eco Commerce market supply and demand for education, with an interest in occupation and industrial clusters. 


Research focus on connecting Eco Commerce competencies with education, training, and applied learning. 


Research on identifying the effect of changing job requirements and skill demand on students and current workforce, with a focus on Eco Commerce varying degrees of access and success by race/ ethnicity and socioeconomic status.


We seek to inform and educate federal, state, and local policymakers and stakeholders on ways to better align on ways to better education and training with labor market demand and qualifications. it also seeks to create tools that enable decision makers to access and customize the data to allow national, state, and sub-state analysis. 


Environmental Economics

Green accounting 

Green economy 

Green trading 

Eco commerce 

Green job 

Environmental enterprise 

Fiscal environmentalism 

Environmental finance 

Renewable energy


Sustainable tourism 


Environmental tariff 

Net metering 

Environmental pricing reform 

Pigovian tax


Renewable energy commercialization 

Marginal abatement cost 

Green paradox 

Green politics 

Pollution haven hypothesis

Carbon Related

Low-carbon economy 

Carbon neutral fuel 

Carbon neutrality 

Carbon pricing 

Emissions trading 

Carbon credit 

Carbon offset 

Carbon emission trading 

Personal carbon trading 

Carbon tax 

Carbon finance 

Feed-in tariff 

Carbon diet 

Food miles 

2000-watt society 

Carbon footprint


We are pioneering an effort to build critical mass in areas of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math to contribute to the knowledge economy by focusing on the following:

- Outreach programs to empower children and educators, with actionable knowledge.

- Education programs with strong community involvement to challenge children and youth.

- Providing early childhood education programs for the youngest of citizens.

Our mentors and volunteers support educators to develop and deliver new programs and tools, and adaptive capacities serving as the focus for interactions and activities around STEM and Eco Innovation.

Working with the experts, we have learned and shared views on issues and challenges and have become engaged with educators to develop best practices, address issues and challenges, and provide Eco-inspired learning solutions to children and adults. 

We invite you to join us. Your participation and support will enable us to expand and continue delivering much needed education to young children and youth, and supporting educators and families across America, and beyond.


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