Mining and Minerals

The mining and minerals sector is central to modern life. Literally millions of products are constructed using a range of more than 90 mined substances from around the globe. The industry’s vital importance to economic development is clear, but the supply of metals and minerals is not without environmental and social costs.

Managing the immense local impacts of mining operations remains a challenge as issues such as pollution, corruption and human rights abuse have plagued the industry. Perhaps the greatest demand relates to meeting the full cost of mineral commodities, as prices have been steadily declining. Left behind will be an expensive legacy of abandoned sites that have to be rehabilitated with no obvious way to meet the bill. Today, companies are becoming more engaged in sustainable development practices that contribute to global development while attempting to minimize environmental repercussions.

The future of mining must encompass improved government frameworks, resolution around community conflicts, and management of wealth and risk. Embedding sustainable development into the mindset of companies requires linking best practice to financial success, thus tying it to their bottom line.

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