Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

In today's world a key to successfully distinguishing your organization is effective implementation of a communication strategy and process; be it internal to employees, external to customers, or to support business to business processes.

While technology innovation has provided incredible possibilities, organizations struggle with their communication channels due to the lack of an Integrated Marketing Communications strategy (IMC). It is vital for any company to set itself apart from its competitors, regardless of scale.  Big or small, those companies able to effectively manage the customer experience, marry internal and external processes, or manage employees and business partners will be the winning organizations of tomorrow.

We help organizations build effective IMC. Simply, we create a private-branded programs for your organization to enable communication. Each program is customized to improve your customer and investor relationships, and drive brand value. The IMC program is designed to integrate your marketing communication tools, channels, and sources into a seamless process with powerful configurable options. This solution will maximize the impact on customers and investors at a minimal cost. We provide a comprehensive, hands-on Advisory for chosen technology, product development, and commercialization. We operate by providing management support to help new businesses and business models evolve and thrive. 

It is easy to join us, as we do most of the work for you. Contact your local Chapter Leader for more information. 

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