Business Development Alliance (BDA)

BDA promotes entrepreneurship and represents individuals and organizations devoted to developing Eco Commerce in their region. Our stakeholders are:

  • Investors
  • Business Leaders
  • Government Officials
  • Business Angels
  • Incubator Executives, Board Members and Developers
  • Economic Development Professionals
  • Research Park Executives
  • Corporate Joint Venture Partners
  • Consultants
  • Educators
  • Retired from industry who want to stay involved
  • Management Consultants

Since 2010, we have served individuals and organizations throughout the world. We recognize the benefits of disseminating lessons learned from practicing Eco Commerce in a variety of settings and serving clients with different needs and resources. 

Eco Commerce roots are in the United States and Europe. Early practitioners have joined us to gain knowledge, share best practices, and join our partner projects. As our international network adapt Eco Commerce practices to their local economies, global information exchange resulted. Today, organizations can develop their private-branded exchanges to boost Eco Commerce in their own region. CEC: 

  • Is the recognized authority on Eco Commerce and thus “one-stop” destination to seek local and global contacts and solutions;
  • Is a clearinghouse of knowledge from multiple sources, and stakeholders learn from the successes and mistakes of other stakeholders;
  • Is a fast growing network of Eco Commerce leaders worldwide that stakeholders can contribute to and tap into;
  • Hands-on-advisory and soft-landing services and information resources focus on practical advice and on identifying issues and actions that impact the industry;
  • Networking and educational events attract people from around the world who come to share knowledge and enhance their personal support networks;
  • Sustainability Centers provide local business support to stakeholders worldwide.

We host Summits and Trade Missions, and invite individuals and organizations to participate, to discuss how they can work together. 

Business Liaisons (BL)  

The BL is an invitation-only group of senior-level regional Business Leaders.


  • Network with other Business Liaisons and Professionals;
  • Contribute and gain access to CEC partner projects and initiatives; 
  • Learn from experts in an invitation-only environment;
  • peer-to-peer consultations;
  • Hands-on-advisory services;
  • Executive placement services;
  • Revenue opportunities; 
  • Professional training and development. 


In order to preserve the original charter of the CEC organization, all prospective Business Liaisons must be sponsored by a current member and meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a senior-level title or above with primary business management responsibility;
  • Work as a independent management consultant (preferred). 
  • You are not a service provider, such as a law firm, accounting firm, real estate agent, etc.

All applications are approved by the CEC Advisory Board.