Disaster Recovery for Business Initiative

The strategic partners for the 'Disaster Recovery for Business initiative' brings a combined experience of over 60 years in business support, business training, marketing, media  and public relations.  Our combined experience helps us be uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of multi-media education for business owners either preparing for or recovering from a natural or man made disaster.

Everyone on our team is a business owner and have each  been through multiple disasters in the past 10 years.  We have personally seen the devastating and long term impact disasters have on business owners.  Not only are the businesses impacted directly but indirectly through decreased spending power of their local communities,  that are also in the process of rebuilding and recovering.

Our mission is to provide continued education, support, connection and resources to help expedite the rebuilding process for those businesses that have already been impacted and give the best information and recommendations to rebuild stronger and better prepared for future emergencies.  We will offer access to cutting edge technologies, new products and services and funding sources for businesses that are reinventing their brand.

Disaster Recovery working group is financially supported through corporate sponsorship and we are dedicated entirely to business preparedness and recovery programs.  Disaster Recovery working group will neither solicit nor provide donations. We will provide financial support through referring business owners to loan and investment programs based on their needs

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