We create and manage transnational projects on maritime technology areas within the following priority areas:

New ship types, structures, ship design and construction, production processes and technology.

Ship and Port Operation      
Vessel traffic services, manoeuvring, cargo handling, waste & ballast water facilities

Maritime equipment and services
Bridge systems, information and communication technologies, telematic applications, engine and propulsion systems, automation systems, cargo handling, maintenance.

Inland Water and Intermodal Transport
Shipbuilding, maritime equipment and services, ship and port operation, transport chains, hinterland connections, short sea shipping, traffic management, transport logistics, intermodality, interoperability.

Offshore Industry/Offshore Technology
New structures, design and construction, production processes and technology, equipment and services, maintenance and decommissioning of offshore structures, offshore operations, underwater process technology, underwater technology, underwater robotics (AUV, ROV))

Offshore Structures for Renewable Energy
Water power (wave, tidal and current energy technology), wind power (wind energy technology, installation technology water power (wave, tidal and current energy technology), wind power (wind energy technology, installation technology)

Polar Technology
Arctic sea transport, shipbuilding, equipment and services for polar regions, operation of ships, offshore structures

Development of platforms and devices, fish farms in open sea, new generation of fish-farms, tele detection, applications for analysis’s, information and communication technologies, automation and monitoring

Safety and Security
Ship safety (collision, grounding, evacuation, fire safety, search and rescue, manoeuvring, cargo handling and lashing, tracking and tracing, first aid), Ship and port security (preventive measures against terrorism, piracy)

Environmental Impact
Reduction and improvement of the efficiency of fuel and energy consumption, anti fouling, ballast water handling, wash waves, waste management, recycling, monitoring, reduction of emission, prevention of contamination, noise and vibration

Human Elements
Training aspects, education, improvement of working conditions, intellectual property rights (IPR)

Inland Waterways

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